I picked up a Radeon X850XT PE a few days ago now, the card itself is a massive improvement over the Radeon 9800 Pro, this is on a Athlon 64 3200+. Runs everything I can throw at it at 1920x1200 great stuff.

I'm making the post however to just get out on the web so more information on a few issues that arise with a VIA SATA RAID chip on some boards and the X800/850 chips, in my case on the KV8-MAX3 board, but it seems to effect all boards with the VT8237 southbridge.

Having a RAID-0 array with the X800/850 = no go, it simply fails to see the array with the newer BIOS, I had to reflash the motherboard back to a version from last year, I was using 4.3.1 on the SATA chip - incompatible if you're using RAID-0, works fine without an array so I doubt many people would run into this.

Anyway flashing back to Abit 2.2 KV8-MAX3 BIOS resolved it, if any other manufacturers had BIOS updates after October time last year then they probably carry the newer incompatible BIOS for the SATA chip.