Under the following program:

  • Against the Tory policies of New Labour.
  • For nationalisation, of rail, health, post and all sectors of the economy under workers' democratic control with no compensation to their former owners.
  • For trade union freedoms, ending of Thatcherite anti-union laws.
  • No to private pensions, a state pension for all, linked to earnings.
  • Minimum wage of £9.60 per hour.
  • For a 32 hour working week without loss of pay.
  • End student tuition fees, state subsidised housing to ensure students do not get into debt.
  • Abolition of the un-democratic House of Lords and the monarchy. For an elected Head of State.
  • Members of parliament to be instantly recallable by their constituents.
  • No MP's pay to be higher than that of an average worker.

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