I used to have some respect for Wired, they had the odd good article here and there... I don't anymore, thanks to Leander Kahney and this article Hide Your iPod, Here Comes Bill.

A lot of the media has long shown a bias towards Apple - but now it's just getting too much. Ed Bott nicely debunks the so-called article so I won't bother. The Apple zealots who seem to plague every blog, forum or anything where you can post a comment are of course coming down on him like a bag of shite like they usually do.

But what's wrong with media? What do Apple give these people? Or is it just fanboyic like anti-Microsoftness at work? iPod can't keep up with the heat from the competition anymore so you have to bring in the bucket of mud and the bag of BS? Nice going Apple fans and Apple fanboyic "journalists".

From one happy Zen Micro user.