Windows Vista sales rank

Well here we are three days until Windows Vista becomes broadly available. So I thought I'd check out what the current retail prices are and I noticed that Windows Vista Ultimate was ranked at #29, much higher than I was expecting, so I checked out the best sellers list and found the others to be doing rather well.

The business launch already exceeded expectations, and the general launch looks solid judging on this.


#2 Windows Vista Home Premium (Upgrade).
#13 Windows Vista Ultimate (Upgrade).
#26 Windows Vista Home Premium.
#29 Windows Vista Ultimate.

All in the top thirty (Office was at the #1 spot), not bad at all. I'll see how it changes over the next week or so. I think its evidence enough that Windows Vista isn't another Windows ME (yes I'm looking at the FUD spreaders).

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Comment from: Nick [Visitor]

Vista will be available in retail stores here in the US in a few hours. I'll probably be picking it up this weekend.

Can't wait! :)

30th January 2007 @ 05:09

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