Just as it's announced Windows Server bumps Unix out the way to take the top slot in the server OS market, Microsoft's old friends take them to court again.

[The] companies were responding to innovation with litigation.

"We have come to expect that as we introduce new products that benefit consumers, particularly with the kind of breakthrough technologies in Office 12 and Windows Vista, a few competitors will complain," it said.

I'm getting pretty bored with all this, IBM, Red Hat, Sun, Oracle, Linspire and RealNetworks - let's use them as an example. How any company can bundle spy and adware with it's software, then rightfully get cut down by a far superior music player and then win against Microsoft in court is just beyond me. Something is seriously broken in Brussels, we'll see how broken in the coming months.

May be if people spend less time taking Microsoft to court and more time writing decent software they'd actually get somewhere.