A few people are concerned that the new Superbar in Windows 7 forces you to have giant icons and that it can't be configured to work like the classical Taskbar.

It can. Here's how the new Taskbar looks by default in 69xx builds:

Here's the new Taskbar running on 6801 with labels and large icons:

Notice the file copy operating progress is also displayed in the Taskbar.

And here's the new Taskbar running with small icons and labels, and the Quick Launch toolbar:

The little gap between Explorer and Internet Explorer is due to how jump lists work in this build (an arrow pops up when you hover over the gap), as far as I know these gaps and arrows are gone in later builds and you just right click to get a the jump lists.

You can change the settings by right-clicking on an empty area of the Taskbar, go to Properties. There's an options for using small icons, and the button grouping drop down list controls if the icons have text labels or not.

So panic not those who are being freaked out by the changes to the Taskbar. :)

Update: Apparently in later builds the Quick Launch toolbar has actually been removed.