The Catherine inspired Wii Countdown gadget is now available.

Windows Vista Wii Countdown Gadget

My Xbox 360 countdown thing never made it, the Wii countdown thing did. So here it is, it runs on the Windows Vista Sidebar, although some have had success getting the Sidebar running on Windows XP, so try Googling.

It counts down to the European launch, however you can easily change that by editing the date in %User%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\wiicountdown.gadget\wii.htm just change it to whatever the launch date is in your region.

A second version would have a whole control panel thing so you can toggle between different regions, however coding that is beyond my abilities; I gave up after half an hour because it was bugging me, but I'm pretty sure its nearly there if somebody else wants to add that functionality feel free, if you want the stuff I've already done towards that give me a shout.

Download it here (56KB). Thanks to some web forum (I can't find it now) where I borrowed some of the Java countdown code, thanks to Catherine for picking out a font size and weight. :)