Come on you crazy creationists... There is a christian state (that is; christianity is the official state religion) which has the satanic face of the evil founder of Darwinian fundamentalism (whatever that is) Charles Darwin printed on, name that country?

Give up? The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Behold a £10 Bank of England note:

£10 banknote

So why the fuck is that evil Darwinist, Charles Darwin doing on a banknote from a christian state? I hear you say?

Because he was one of the greatest scientific minds in human history, he did for biology what Albert Einstein did for physics.

So why don't you drop your god damn Darwin bashing? Even the former Pope dude said "evolution is more than a theory", they gave up trying to take on science because they got burned every time. Just like you guys get burned every time you try and take on science in the courtroom - where there are rules of evidence.

Evidence is something you don't have. In the land of science we point out where our hypothesis can be falsified so it can be tested. Darwin said if our understandings were correct we wouldn't find modern life with ancient extinct life. That is still true to this day, we've never found a human skeleton next to a dinosaur. Finding a human being in the same strata as ancient life. Just finding a fossilised human with a trilobite in his pocket, that would cause an earthquake in the scientific world and science would change to adopt the new data. And that's the key word here; change.

Both science and creationism go through stages of development to search for the truth (or Truth with a capital T if you're a creationist) to rip off Penn and Teller who did a great episode about creationism:

Science changes and adapts to what evidence is in front of it, its basic process goes through these stages:


While creationism is rigid and goes through the following stages:

Twisting fact.

Darwin is so evil he's on banknotes of a christian state - he must be one evil dude.