Heavy shelling around Khiam on Tuesday had forced the four observers into the bomb shelters. At about 1.20pm, officials say, a jet dropped a bomb only 300 metres away. The observers contacted the Unifil headquarters.

The observers warned Israel that their aircraft were dropping bombs dangerously close to a UN position. The Israelis said that they would check the situation and make any necessary adjustments. But jets then dropped ten bombs between 100 and 300 metres from the UN position and fired 12 artillery rounds within 150 metres, UN officials said. The fatal strike — using a "precision-guided weapon", said UN military personnel — hit the post at about 7.20pm.

Now this was a building, not close to any other buildings, It's an obvious building, it was white with two black letters 'UN' written on the sides of it. It's been there for years and the Israelis were well aware of it's position.

So why did an F-16 fly over and use a precision guided bomb against it, just after the UN had contacted Israel telling them, again, that their observers were at that position? What don't the Israeli military want the UN to see?