If you go outside right now (even if its daylight), Venus is a few degrees south of the Moon. That makes Venus possible to spot in daylight assuming you've got really transparent skies. You'll probably need binoculars but its possible.

It also means the Moon is hanging around near Venus in the evening sky, here's a photo I took yesterday.

Venus and the Moon

I've got high-resolution versions and close ups of the Moon on my gallery.

Weather permitting, I'll be taking one again this evening, the Moon would of moved up above Venus. This is because the Moon takes only a month or so to orbit the Earth, so every day it moves about 13° across the sky, the Moon is about half a degree in width which means it moves its own width about every hour compared to background objects. It orbits anti-clockwise when viewed from the north pole and so, compared to everything else in the sky it moves slowly leftward. Keep in mind the Earth's rotation is about 28 times faster, so we only see this movement relative to things behind it, the Moon still rises in the east and sets in the west.