Long Zheng did up a recent post on his blog covering Ultimate Extras, or lack of. This was a concern for many people going back to when it was announced, will Microsoft get bored and turn its efforts on something else. It's been pretty quiet for the last 5 months, Dreamscene RTM has yet to ship, and we've had one content pack released for the beta version, and some wallpapers.

I for one would like Microsoft to clarify what they're doing and what the status of the Ultimate Extras team is. Long made a good suggestion, letting users pick a couple of Games for Windows games to download over Ultimate Extras, now that would be a good idea. Heck I'm sure most people would settle for that funky photo editing application they demoed back at the beginning of the year or even an announcement on what they're working on instead of the near virtually wall of silence we're facing at the moment.