You know what I'm sick of? Tory scum. Oh wait, I was sick of them before. But now I'm even more sick of them, their opportunism has no limits.

Check this guy out some MEP, elected for scare mongering most likely.

North West MEP David Sumberg is urging Europe's top bureaucrat Romano Prodi to bin lyrics for a European anthem with Federalist overtones.

Yeah... What lyrics for the anthem? There has never been any official proposal to have lyrics for the anthem of the European Union. Can you imagine how hard it would be writing it so that it actually makes sense and doesn't sound crap in all 20 languages of the EU?

What this lying bastard is basing his crap opportunism on is a gift to EC president Romano Prodi that, he was given during a trip to Vienna in February 2004 to receive a humanitarian achievement award from the Rabbinical Centre of Europe.

So what else does this guy say?

But Dr Roland's lyrics sparked fury with their ominous echoes of Stalin’s imperialist Soviet regime in the line ... freedom for its people in a bigger motherland."

The lyric is a dead ringer for one from the old Soviet anthem, " ... sing to the motherland, home of the free."

Hey it's a dead ringer for "land of hope and glory, mother of the free [...] make thee mightier yet!" too. Hey those crazy British and their crazy songs, and this was written half a century before Stalin's song.

Newsflash, Britain actually was and is an imperialist power. The USSR wasn't; the key difference is the USSR put money into the countries it liberated from the Nazis which is why several of them were richer than the USSR itself. Britain on the other hand sailed around the world saw the best spots and declared them to be the property of the monarch; seemingly ignoring the people already living there and their right to their lands. To be an imperialist power you have to be richer than the colonial country and you have to be extracting wealth or owning large sections of production not true of the USSR and eastern Europe.

So enough of your Tory bollocks please. Come on? Who the hell would let you in any form of government, you don't even know what imperialist means. I don't approve of idiots and opportunists like you having your wages paid out of my pocket, thank you. I also don't approve of you making Britain look like its made up of little Englanders to the rest of our friends in Europe. I really hope the other MEPs who take their job seriously and actually move the EU forward have a good laugh at your expense, I guess every parliament needs its clowns, I just wish they weren't paid out of our pockets.