Spotted this over on Grimmer Up North, Tony Benn intents to stand for parliament once more.

If he stands it'll be for the Kensington and Chelsea seat, which is a safe Tory seat.

However clearly there are many positives, first he may actually win; this is Tony Benn we're talking about here. But more importantly this puts socialism on the agenda again, the more attention we can get to this the better - at the coming election the left must make a push to get as many socialist in parliament as possible, we must build on the advances that came about thanks to John McDonnell's campaign.

Neo-liberal-Blairite-Tory candidates and MPs must be deselected and replaced by people who actually represent Labour, and not business. Every CLP in the country should be resisting candidates imposed on them top down. I am happy to see several Labour bloggers saying they will not doing any campaigning in their constituency if they have a right-wing candidate, instead they'll do their campaigning elsewhere, where the people standing actually represent their beliefs.

Tony Benn, by standing, can help this cause, to re-energise the left and bring more socialists into the Labour Party. Good luck Mr Benn.