There's a few technology posts I haven't had the chance to do, but are on the todo list.

First up Photosynth.

If you haven't already played around with it do so. There's videos on the website to help explain how to take sets of images that synth well together, but I'll have my tips soon hopefully along with some of my own synths. I'm hoping to do St John's Church in town at some point, I think that would make a great synth.

Next up Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 thoughts.

Good release, I'll share my opinions on the new features soon I hope. Although I imagine this will be one of the topics I'll talk about on Gamercast this week too.

The last peice of tech I want to do is over the new bit of kit I've got on my desk.

Yes that is an HTC Touch Pro sat next to my monitor, and I'll be reviewing it within a couple of weeks.