Here's an interesting article on I came across, I'll quote the best bits of it:

Hell hath no fury like a Mac user scorned. Run an article about Apple and you usually get a steady trickle of reader comments. Run one that questions or criticises any aspect of Apple strategy, products or leadership and the trickle becomes a deluge. And the accusations of 'Mac bashing' soon follow.

Apple has a fiercely loyal fan base that would be the envy of any other company on the planet and which helped sustain the company's fortunes through the dark days and into its current age of relative plenty.

Mac users have traditionally viewed themselves as being separate from the rest of the pack and renown for 'thinking different'. Within the fan base exists a highly vocal minority which tolerates no criticism of its beloved company and attacks any real (or indeed imagined) slight of Apple in online fora with savage intensity.

It's this minority that seems to be under some form of mass hypnosis - perhaps some far-reaching extension of Steve Jobs' 'reality distortion field' - thinking that Apple can do no wrong and is a panacea for all the IT wrongs in the world.


[After] these [not pro Apple] articles were posted, the floodgates opened and the abuse poured in. They say a great many comments were edited for language, while others were simply deleted because the contents were deemed inappropriate.

A few of my articles have suffered from that sort of thing!