Well last Friday (or was it Thursday?) I went ahead and ordered the Toshiba Portege M200 from Laptops Direct, I was feeling a bit iffy buying it from a place I had never previously heard of, but they had the cheapest price and offered a no-dead pixel guarantee for an extra fee.

On Monday they called me (good stuff!) up to inform me that the product was being discontinued, d'oh ran threw my mind. But it wasn't the kind of discontinuation I was thinking, the new model carrying a 2Ghz Pentium M instead, I'm just hoping the price will be at around the same level.

So it looks like I'll still be waiting a few weeks for my Tablet PC. Weeks I can barely wait at that, thanks to Chris H and his teasing!!!

Update - the order was cancelled (upon waiting for the new machine) - but they've still taken the £1333.57 or however much it came to. Some chasing up to do.