I came across a recent blog entry by Nik Cubrilovic covering his recent switch from Mac OS to Windows Vista.

I have been running Vista for a little less than 24 hours and I can’t believe I didn’t switch back sooner, the main difference is that the interface is much much smoother and neater and despite popular belief performance is actually fantastic. I was used to waiting on Mac OS X while my standards apps would open up - Quicksilver, Firefox, Skype, etc. but Vista goes almost straight into the desktop and most apps boot very quickly.

I didn’t expect it to be like this, I didn’t want Vista to be this good - I was expecting to boot back into OS X and living happily ever after, but damn, this is one fast, slick and nice operating system. If you are a Mac user try it yourself, install boot camp and Vista and it will feel like you just added another CPU and doubled your RAM - I can’t see any evidence for any of the reports of Vista being slow or power-hungry.

He goes on to talk about Media Center, WMP, security and a few other topics. It's always good to get some feedback from somebody who has been out of the Windows world for a while.

Of course, the Apple fanatics were on station ready to respond:

Your claim about the advantages of Vista sounds like the generic MS BS we’ve been seeing for those same 20 years– no actual advantages that can be verified, just claims. (And as someone who has been forced to used every MS OS, this supposed improvement to the UI is something I’ve never experienced.) You’re not fooling me…. but you have lost me from your feed. Caio.

Talk about pathetic, but well you only need to read some of the comments on my blogs when I've touched on Apple to see how pathetic they really are. At least this guy didn't use "M$".