So I was browsing the politics forum and came across somebody who said the following:

Yes, I have [heard of socialism in one country], but I don't buy it. I was reading a book which was written by Edvard Radzinsky on Stalin. His book discusses these comments and many other issues. His book was based on recently released Soviet Archives. Archives, which have not been known until years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. My opinion is that Stalin was a genuine marxist who sought global revolution. A mass murderer, who had his own reasons for his purges, but was geared towards a world proletariat revolution.

How wrong can you be. Stalin in favour of world revolution? Hang on, the same man who did coin socialism in one country, the same man who did shut down the International, the same man who gutted the Communist Party in the purges of Marxists and internationalists, the same man who put down revolutions in Eastern Europe when the Red Army liberated them, and installed Stalinist regimes, for the sole purpose of keeping the working class down, because he knew that such ideas would spread to the USSR and would threaten the bureaucracy.

Yes that sounds a lot like a man in favour of world revolution.