This is a headline from the Irish Times, they go on to say:

David Moore of Astronomy Ireland said both craft [the Space Shuttle and the Space Station] could be seen as extremely bright star-like objects blazing across the sky.

"I have seen International Space Station being chased by a shuttle in the past and it is one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen - so we want everyone in Ireland to witness this rare and spectacular event," Mr Moore said.

He called on everyone to go outdoors each evening until January 3rd next to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. "Normal eyesight and a clear sky over the next 10 days is all you need," he said.

Now I think it is good that astronomy related topics get mentioned in the press, however, as per usual they're painfully lacking information.

In my experience people will go out one evening, have a look at the sky and see nothing. Why? Because they haven't been told what to look for. The important information in the article is this: Bright star-like object and outdoors each evening until January 3rd.

OK so what will people see if they follow this information? Nothing, they might see a star and think it’s the space station. Most people will regard it as being a waste of time, and worse children would be disappointed which could potentially sour their experience of astronomy forever.

What the article should do is publish more information, such as direction of travel and most importantly the time. You can get this information from websites such as Heavens Above.

Lack of information on topics such as this can only really be resolved once newspapers stop wasting time with astrology and hand that space over to more important things like a weekly, at the very least, astronomy column.

Update: Space Station and the Shuttle for August 2007