For those in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and France, etc. The ISS and the Space Shuttle are currently visible in the evening.

The ISS will pass over the UK and Ireland tonight at around 22:30 (BST), the Shuttle a few minutes earlier at around 22:20, in both cases they'll take 3 or 4 minutes to cross the sky. They'll be moving west to east. If you miss it tonight they'll (assuming the Shuttle hasn't landed) be visible for the next couple of weeks.

To get the exact times for your location head over to Heavens Above.

I took a couple of images of the Space Station yesterday (the Shuttle hadn't launched then). Hopefully I'll get the Shuttle tonight, and hopefully the night after they'll be a lot closer, which will really make a good picture (weather permitting).

International Space Station

Getting pretty bright, around magnitude -2.2, about the same as the planet Jupiter.