According to MP Madeleine Moon at least, who will raise the issues with the police following several suicides.

From the BBC article:

Mrs Moon said she was growing increasingly worried by the appearance of so-called "memory walls" on networking sites like Bebo, where members leave messages to mark the death of a friend.

I fail to see how that is a problem, or how it promotes suicide in any way. I've used this blog to post messages remembering the deaths of people I look up to. Suicide is beside the point, the messages would be left if they had hanged themselves or if they had died in a car accident or from natural causes.

I'm particularly concerned about this false romanticism of the memory wall that seems to have set up on Bebo giving some sort of romantic idea of suicide and not conveying the huge tragedy and wasted lives that we are looking at here

Me? I say we should ban Romeo and Juliet. I'm confident if you do a study you'll find teenagers more likely to commit suicide after being forced to read that then using Bebo or other social networking tools to keep in contact with their friends. I also think Romeo and Juliet romanticises suicide orders of magnitude more than people leaving their respects on a website.

"The worrying part about internet sites is it is a virtual world - it isn't a real world," she said. "The things that happen there don't necessarily demonstrate the consequences.

Internet sites aren't a "virtual world". World of WarCraft is a virtual world, you have a character in the world and you can do things in the world, a world simulated on computers. A social networking website is like a notice board - just because the data is encoded and sent down a phone line doesn't mean it isn't real, heck using the same logic you could argue a newspaper is a virtual world as the same methods are used to create a newspaper. It's nonsense.

Instead of blaming what you don't understand, why not look at the causes in the real world that make people commit suicide, things like growing inequality within a society.