Update: The date for this appears to of been shifted to the 25th of November.

The Yeovil Labour Party will decide their candidate for the next generation election in under four weeks time, on the 15th of November the hustings will be held, and hopefully we'll have the results soon after.

Why am I interested in standing? To give Yeovil Labour Party members a socialist option and if successful to give Yeovil residents something other than the right-wing, pro-business nonsense of David Laws or that Tory bloke. How people can honestly expect to be well-represented by somebody who used to run an international textile company, or a former vice president of JP Morgan is beyond me.

Surely a shop worker, or other selection hopeful Colin Counter, a bus driver can represent ordinary people a hundred times better then these businessmen. Who in my opinion just don't understand the issues ordinary people have to deal with.

I think it's disgusting how this Labour government has continued privatisation, has not reversed Thatcherite anti-union laws, and allows the market to run wild.

Unfortunately many seem unwilling to criticise where criticism is due, and this has allowed the Labour leadership to get away with this for far too long.

Although we have had some successes with the minimum wage, the semi-abolition of fox hunting and peace in Northern Ireland, the failures of the New Labour government can be seen in the invasion of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The growing gap between rich and poor, and private businesses profiteering at expense of public services.

I want a Labour government that will nationalise manufacturing businesses which are moving their work forces abroad, to defend people's jobs and livelihoods from the anarchy of the market.

I want a Labour government that will re-establish Royal Mail's postal monopoly and end the race to the bottom resulting from competition.

I want a Labour government that will take transport back into public ownership, and pump the money in that it so sorely needs, instead of pumping public money into the pockets of private business.

You get the idea.