The 5th Security Intelligence Report has been released this covers January to June 2008. The full report can be downloaded here. Here's a quick look at it:

First up we see the percentage of browser exploits on Windows XP vs Windows Vista. We can see on Windows Vista only 5.7% of the exploits are targeting Microsoft code, while on Windows XP that figure is 42.3%.

A break down of the security vulnerabilities on Windows XP looks like this, a mix of Microsoft and 3rd party vulnerabilities.

On Windows Vista however none of the top 10 vulnerabilities being exploited effect Microsoft code. We see a make up of RealPlayer, Apple's QuickTime and several browser toolbars and plugins instead being responsible for the exploits.

Lastly we see the infection numbers for Windows XP and Windows Vista. The most secure client version of Windows being Windows Vista SP1 x64, followed closely behind by the 32-bit client.

What can we draw from this? If you want to keep your system secure 1) Use Windows Vista 2) Don't install any Apple software, RealPlayer, or any dodgy toolbars or plugins on your computer.