Now that Windows 7 has RTMed, it's time to look at where we are exactly from a bug standpoint.

Last week we had a lot of fuss over the so-called check disk bug, where check disk would use up all but 50MB of RAM. When was the last time anyone here ran check disk? And as I've always said, unused RAM is wasted RAM. I'm sat on my machine at the moment and it’s got 2GB unused, come on use that RAM.

Non-issue, that's not to say Windows 7 doesn't have bugs, I've come across more than I came across with Windows Vista when it first RTMed.

The second most annoying is this one, pen flicks being broken in Internet Explorer 8.

As many of you know I am a fan of the Tablet PC, I currently use a Motion LE1700. Windows Vista brought massive improvements to the Tablet, a new TIP (Tablet Input Panel), plus handwriting recognition that learns as you use it and pen flicks, the ability to quickly swipe the screen, and move say back and forward or scroll a page up and down. Windows 7 has improved upon the old TIP. But, its suffered from one massive almost deal-breaking bug.

Pen flicks do not work to scroll the page up and down in IE8 when it's using the new rendering engine. They however work fine if you're visiting a website in compatibility mode.

As a partial work-around you can enable compatibility mode for all websites in Compatibility View Settings under the Tools menu. But this work won't for websites that declare themselves as IE8 compatible.

So worst of all, this bug will get more obvious and annoying as time goes on as fewer websites will be displayed in compatibility mode.

What's even more annoying is Microsoft is talking up the touch features in Windows 7 - touch like using a tablet also uses the same pen flicks system, so undoubtedly it will be broken for those using touch screens too.