...It's your own bloody fault.

I'm referring to Ann Toward's comments to the press about the death of her husband in Iraq.

"It's Tony Blair's fault. He sent all those troops out.

"If he hadn't sent them out [Anthony] would still be here. He shouldn't have done it."

I hate to sound really cruel, but are you completely brainless? Anthony joined the military voluntarily, anybody who joins should be prepared to die, he wasn't forced into it, we don't have conscription he joined voluntarily, if you didn't like it you should of persuaded him to leave.

Reality check: The military isn't a fortnightly sewing club, its sole purpose is war, and in war people die.

For those other families who had relatives die in the war, which are considering taking the government to court - drop dead. I don't like my taxes being wasted thanks to you greedy individuals, who have to try and sue anybody if they so much as look at you the wrong way, go and sue the people who actually planted the bomb and pulled the triggers. Stop purging the state just so you can get away with not lifting a finger for the rest of your lives. I'm sure everybody else in the country would much rather have that money spent on important things like hospitals and schools rather then being sucked off to your bank accounts!