Some of you may remember my entry a few months back, dealing with the ridiculous claims of some individuals that we're being visited by alien rods. Yes the article was satire, I am not disturbed like one of the comments seems to suggest.

A bit of background, back in the summer I went out and took some images of rods; in reality I knew they were just flies or other insects. A camera doesn't take an image in a single instant of time, typical day time exposures are 1/125th of a second, so very short, however flies fly very fast, so just like any moving object they'll appear to blur over the image, which is why they appear as a line, usually with a regular pattern due to the position of the wings.

The Sun was at a fairly low angle and I could see insects at the bottom of my garden go shooting past, well illuminated by the Sun, perfect conditions for catching rods insects on camera.

If they're at the right distance to be in focus you'll get the classical rod object in your photo, some of my images show the orb which ghost hunters tell people is actually a ghost; this is because the insect (or dust, seeds or dozens of other things that can float around in the air) isn't at the right focus and just appears as a fuzzy blob.

Anyway back in September I was out photographing Jupiter and the Moon and I noticed there were a couple of moths flying around in the garden, so I decided to create an image of a super-rod. I turned on our light and sure enough a moth came over to it, I pointed the camera and left the shutter open for 4 seconds, to give the moth plenty of time to fly all over the image.

This is the result:

New super paranormal alien rod

I proudly present my new discovery of a super paranormal alien hyper ghost rod moth.