With the election results looking grim, surely it is clear to all that the New Labour project is dead.

There is only one thing that can save the party from a potential general election defeat now, and that is the election of John McDonnell as leader and the breaking of the party from the ghouls of capital that have been haunting it for a generation.

Along with that we need an expansion of democracy within the party, the rank and files members need to control it from the bottom up, to prevent bureaucratic build up and a bourgeois infestation.

Then we will have a party capable of leading the working class of Britain forward, and give an example to workers of the whole world, they don't need to put up with the festering moulds of capital in their organisations anymore.

To Labour MPs and the leadership of trade unions who have not come out in support of John McDonnell, its time to bury New Labour. The masses of this country deserve nothing less.