Check this guy out.....

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Ohhh no socialism in America.

There was a flier for socialism on an American university campus. Now that's scary.

Here's the address one more time if you want to mail them some anthrax or something.

Socialism is scary.

Personally I find you telling people to mail them anthrax more scary.

Let's not even talk about this guys Islam bashing, he gets all upset because he says they're killing people, yet he doesn't bother mentioning that Christians are killing way more people. If you're going to attack religion that's fine with me, if you're going to pick on one group, that's totally outrageous.

What is it with people like this, in one part he claims he's for freedom, and than in other bits he says he's justified burning all the socialist leaflets, arresting Socialist Party members and/or mailing them anthrax.