I don't think we're seeing trendiness here," Jobs said of the iPod. "I think we're seeing a product that's truly revolutionizing the way we listen to music."

What a total lying bastard. Revolutionary? I had an MP3/WMA player before the iPod even existed.

Steve Jobs has done nothing but steal other people's ideas since he rejoined Apple in 1996. Here's a hint Jobs - stop ripping off other people's ideas and claiming them as your own.

In reply to some of the comments:

West Crosby wrote: "Are you saying the iPod is ripping off someone else's ideas? Sure there were hard drive mp3 players prior to the iPod, but as I recall, there isn't anything out there that works quite like an iPod."

No you're right, nobody would ever dream of something so stupid to have a circle to go up and down through a menu. Jobs isn't talking about the control system being revolutionary, he was saying that the iPod was revolutionary - which it isn't.

John Papola wrote: "A world where draconian DRM is being aggressively pitched to content oligarchs like the MPAA and RIAA while ignoring what consumers really want."

Yes, it's called Apple with it's iTunes and "Fairplay", so terrified of the RIAA that they break any 3rd party applications that use the iPod, take people to court over it. They're so terrified of the MPAA they won't even support video. Don't you think it's funny that Steve Jobs, who's also a film company's CEO sees no interest in video, while Microsoft and it's partners already have devices out that can do this kind of thing. That's true innovation right there - from Microsoft. Steve Jobs avoids doing video because, like Sony (who also long refused to support MP3 in their players) they have an interset in music and/or film, so they don't want to make it easy for consumers to enjoy thier media the most, by easily transfering and copying it amoung their machines and devices. Who's really ignoring consumers?

"Or port their fantastic software products to Windows."

You mean like Quicktime and iTunes? If it wasn't for Real Player they'd have the honour of being the worst players on Windows.

"No non-mac user has a reason to hate Apple the way you clearly do. At least none that I can see. Apple-bashing always amounts to wishing away user choice."

User choice? What do Apple know about choice? Are you so blind that you can't see what they're trying to do. They're locking you into Apple, Apple software, Apple hardware, neither of which are very high quality. The advantage with the Microsoft platform (yes platform) is that it's open to choice, you can play your music on any player, on any phone you want, you can setup a playlist and have it available in your car, in your pocket in your room with the decent speaker system in. Apple is lack of choice. I've been clear in what they need to do to win this war. That is open themselves up, stop being closed and crazed with the idea that they alone can handle this - they can't that's clear with video they've been left behind due to the Portable Media Centers.

Sorry I don't want to buy several thousand pounds worth of music, only to have it all utterly useless when the iPod repeats the events of previous Apple products. The Windows Media platform can't go under because it's a rich ecosystem of dozens of companies, anyone can go ahead and license it. Apple refuse to license anything. There's no competition and no choice within their "system". You go Apple you're stuck, you go Microsoft you're free to choose any store you like, any device you like.

nony mouse wrote: "Steve Jobs stop ripping off other peoples ideas.. hahaha I have officially heard it all. I should say Im surprised at how ignorant some people in the world are"

Yes... Like some a certain vocal minority, Apple didn't invent the MP3 player, the hard-disk based MP3 player, or the online store.