I was flicking through the channels the other day, and I ended up on Sci-Fi. Boy have they really gone downhill. What are they doing showing Moon Hoax stuff? Oh wait, science-fiction.

I just caught the end of the program and four claims it made of the Moon landings being fake.

1) No stars in the photographs.

Well, ask any photographer and he or she will be able to answer that one. Basically the stars being so faint take a lot of time to register on film. This is why if you go have a look at my gallery you'll find the astro photographs will have an exposure of at least several seconds to pick up any stars.

You can test this yourself, take your camera go outside and just try and capture some stars, if the camera is automatic it'll probably try and exposure of may be half a second, may be a quarter, and it will probably pick up zero stars.

Now imagine the camera is set to a really short exposure like 1/125th of a second, because after all the Sun was up and the objects they were imaging like astronauts the lunar surface were all really bright - so they'd have even less time to register on the film. The only thing I could see imaging even at a push would be Venus or may be Jupiter.

There should be no stars in the image. The evidence (tens of thousands of photographs) backs this up. In fact having starry backgrounds would be evidence of the images being fake or doctored. Not the other way around.

2) Objects in shadow aren't black. Due to no atmosphere to scatter the light objects in shadow must be completely black.

Wrong. Go outside, look up at the Moon and note how bright it is.

The astronauts or whatever was in the shadow at the time were also being illuminated by the lunar surface. Just look how bright it is! Now imagine being close to the Moon and how bright it is. In fact it's been compared to the Sun reflecting off ice or snow. Shadows on the surface, where nothing can directly reflect much light at them are pretty dark, but where that shadow is up high - like behind the LEM, where light can be reflected it's lit up. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that light reflects off things.

We can make a little model to test this. Get a bright light, place it at one of a room pointing at a table with a white surface, paper for example. Put a box on the table, and note how the surface in shadow is actually being illuminated by the surface of the table. You can even put a little Lego man behind it and he'll be quite easy to see.

3) Shadows aren't parallel, one light source should result in parallel shadows.

That's wrong too, go out on a sunny day and just look at shadows of sign posts, you'll find some that aren't parallel with each other, this is because of the angle of the ground, the Moon isn't completely flat, and any features of the terrain will make shadows not appear parallel.

Again we can create a little model to demonstrate this. Create a lunar surface with two hilly place something on them to cast a shadow and get yourself down to a position of a camera - they won't appear parallel. You'll note the photos with shadows in two different directions only happen when one shadow is being cast over a hill or similar.

The really dumb thing here is they claim it's because NASA used multiple spot lights when they filmed it - if you had multiple spot lights you'd have multiple shadows!

4) NASA murdered Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee, Ed White and others because they were going to speak to the press.

That's just insane. The Apollo 1 fire was a tragic accident that was a serious set back to the Apollo program. Even if NASA wanted to kill them why burn up millions of dollars worth of hardware when a simple helicopter crash would do just as well. Yes a lot of astronauts did die in the period between 1965-1968, about 15% of NASA's astronauts. But that's just space travel and NASA was willing to push things to the limit.

Claiming NASA murdered them with no evidence is just grasping at straws.

Buzz Aldrin on the Moon

Landing humans on the Moon was one of the greatest scientific and engineering achievements in our history, this is something right up there with Sputnik!

If anybody believes they have any evidence to disprove the Moon landings, I'd love to see it. Come on just look at some of this footage, how can you say that's fake?