soon to be unreachable

It has just came to my attention that will be offline for a couple of weeks. A statement from the website:

In early November we came under sustained denial of service attack from Internet hosts in China attempting to exploit a misconfiguration in our server's operating system. The nature and origin of the attack, our previous history with the PRC, and the experience of others suggest that this maybe politically motivated and directed by the Chinese government.


As if that weren't bad enough, while attempting to make arrangements to buy a new server, we learned that our colocation facility will be closing on February 1, leaving MIA literally homeless.


The bottom line: there is a significant probability that we will not be able to find and deploy an acceptable solution in time to meet the February 1 lights-out date. This means that the MIA will be off the air. We will make every attempt to bridge the gap with the help of our dedicated mirror operators though we may need to stop serving some of our more "expensive" content such as MP3s and PDFs. There is also a chance that our ultimate solution may require us to make a long-term evaluation of the type of content we serve and make things like PDFs available via alternate distribution channels (e.g. BitTorrent). However, despite our recent litany of seemingly fatal problems, the MIA remains a strong organization with a wealth of content, committed to providing the premiere electronic library of Marxist writings. Despite the political, technical, or economic pressures, rest assured that we will find a way to keep these works available to the world.

Mirrors can be found at:

Russian Federation
United Kingdom
United States (East)
United States (South)


Comment from: ibbeep [Visitor]  

Curios on why China would attempt to stomp out

Does it really get that much traffic that the Chinese government would attempt to shut it down? Well according to the info I would say yes.

I wonder what they are really scared of.

29th January 2007 @ 16:32
Comment from: [Member]

Even from Mao's works its obvious how twisted and degenerated the Chinese government is, its thrown out most of Stalinist ideology and has adopted the free market. Mao was poles away from Marxism from the beginning already, the Chinese government now has nothing in common with Marxism.

Communists are the biggest threat to the Chinese elite and the new capitalist ruling class and so it makes sense to try and silence the communists, and prevent Marxist, or even vaguely Marxist materials being available to the workers in China and worldwide.

29th January 2007 @ 17:22
Comment from: Erik van Luxzenburg [Visitor]  
Erik van Luxzenburg

funny that Maoist/Marxist Chinese attack the site of their so called "brothers" in the West!

8th February 2007 @ 13:48
Comment from: ibbeep [Visitor]  

Something about China always struck me as odd. Would it not be the easiest place in the world for a communist revolution. I mean dont they have greater that 50% of the worlds population. And with such a vast population you would assume they could easily topple the "ruling class".

I know the rights of the Chinese are not the same as ours in the west but it leads me to wonder. Is the average Chinese citizen upset about the current affairs in thier nation.

As you know paul im not a marxist but it makes me wonder. I always thought marx felt that eventually the class struggle would become to great and the worker will overthrow the rich. In a country with seemingly the perfect combination of each and yet nothing happens. Do you have any ideas why?

8th February 2007 @ 19:45

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