Wow, seems like a while since I've done a technology post. Anyway Founder pointed out to me the new Apple adverts - more PC bashing of course.

What always bugs me the most about these adverts is the fact Apple always brand themselves as not being a PC - in these specific adverts they've got two guys stood up, one guy in a suit trying to portray a PC, and some "cool" guy trying to portray a Macintosh.

Let's peel back the ideology that Apple users have fallen for - a Macintosh *is* a PC. What is a PC? PC stands for Personal Computer. It's a computer typically operated by one person at a time, a computer that runs general-purpose code. That's a loose explanation of what PC means, of course there are specific examples where these things have mutated over the years, my PC can have 6 people logged on and using it at once, but it's still a PC. I think most people would agree with that in some form or another.

I think a Macintosh is a computer typically operated by one person at a time. I also think a Macintosh is a computer that typically runs general-purpose code. I believe most people would call a Macintosh a PC. It's part of the PC market, it's one of dozens of system manufacturers and one of several OS manufactures.

Of course it's all about branding - Apple need to make themselves seem different - and they are - they're crap, and they're advertising is crap.

For a start if you want to try and pull PC users away you need to tell the truth, guess what? Windows comes with a few more things - not just a calculator and a clock - it comes with all that other software which Apple and their buddies are taking Microsoft to court over to try and remove. It doesn't crash all the time, I've been using Vista for nearly 6 months now, not one system crash while using it, and it's very beta. I don't have any anti-virus software on this box and I've never had a virus. May be we've got some grounds for false advertising.

Anyway when PC users see these adverts only one thing pops into their minds - they're not advertising at us. They're advertising to the existing Macintosh users - don't go to the other side because it's worse than here, they need to top-up the Macintosh ideology. Even Joseph Goebbels would be proud of Steve Jobs - actually no he wouldn't; Steve has only brainwashed 2% of the population.