Mac OS X cracked inside of 2 minutes - Vista & Ubuntu stand firm

I can't say I'm honestly surprised judging on how crappy Apple's record is at patching vulnerabilities over the last few years. Windows Vista has consistently out performed all other major operating systems in this regard and Microsoft have spent a considerable sum on improving their development process in regard to security.

So anyway at the PWN to OWN contest held over the last three days crackers have been competing for a $10,000, and $5,000 prize. Their task was to crack a computer, there were three computers all running different operating systems. One running Mac OS X.5 (Leopard), one running Ubuntu 7.10 and one running Windows Vista SP1.

The first day was limited only to attacks over the network. All three machines survived.

The second day, the participants were allowed to open web pages, or e-mails. Mac OS X was compromised inside of two minutes.

Both Ubuntu and Windows Vista survived the day, and now the crackers can request that the judges allow "popular" 3rd party software onto the machines. As of this moment I believe both machines are still standing.

Both Linux and Windows have their fair share of crappy 3rd software, but I think Linux generally has more privilege escalation exploits, so we'll have to see how it goes.

So anyway, the next time some smug Apple fanboy comes up to you and goes on about security, politely remind them that they are full of it. And also consider reporting Apple to advertising regulators over their utterly misleading and down right false adverts.

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Comment from: Rick Bradford [Visitor]
Rick Bradford
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I agree with Paul wholeheartedly, I agree that Linux, and windows vista are better at keeping hackers out of the systems, respectively, also as a Sr. Network Test Engineer, I have test all the API's interfaces for both OS's and Linux stands the test of time with regard to being able to be hacked, it it truly hardened and will withstand an onslaught of online, and offline attacks. Ubuntu, and Fedora Core 10 are the very best versions of Linux on the market today and they are superior to Windows, Mac OS Lep, and other OS on the market period.

Rick Bradford
Sr. Network Test Engineer
Comcast Cable, Inc.

3rd April 2009 @ 19:38

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