OK so the pressure has been building for a while for me to join one of these social-network things.

Catherine said I should join MySpace, which I did, but being owned by King Murdoch and having no improvements made to it in years, and the bad UI, and that stupid astrology nonsense being forced down your throat with no way to turn it off, I just never bothered doing anything with it.

After being destroyed from the first Facebook I've re-created myself on the new Facebook, all well and good much easier to use than MySpace, and much less annoying.

However, I have two key faults with it.

1) The United Kingdom is not listed on the countries list, not even Great Britain. What the hell? The name of the country I live in is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

2) The options for political views are a JOKE. We've got:

Very liberal.
Very conservative.

What is this some united right-wing front organisation? They might be able to get away with this sort of thing in the United States where everybody's politics are essentually the same mass-produced mass-marketed nonsense, but I'm in Europe, we have a broad spectrum of political views here.

I propose they should add:


In that order of priority, yes it would be nice to let the BNP goons use nationalist and fascist.

There's already one group on there with over 5100 members demanding that socialist be added to the list, you can see that here.

On a lesser note, Jedi isn't listed under religions, surely if something is good enough to be on the 2001 UK census it should be on their list of religions.