Now this makes a change from my other photos of the Space Station and Space Shuttle.

I hooked my Toucam Pro II webcam to my 6 inch TAL 2M reflector (at prime focus) to take these. By my reckoning the middle two pictures here are at a distance of around 400km, the first and last probably closer to 700-800km.

ISS and STS118 @ 20070811204300 from Yeovil, UKISS and STS118 @ 20070811204354 from Yeovil, UKISS and STS118 @ 20070811204356 from Yeovil, UKISS and STS118 @ 20070811204416 from Yeovil, UK

You can see the Shuttle quite well on the first three images you can make out the black engine area towards one side of the station.

In a future post I'll blow one of the images up and we can see if we can point out the individual modules of the station, I can see three or four in the last image quite well. I've also got the video sat here, so you can see what I had to work with. Yes hand guiding the telescope to keep up with the thing is rather difficult.