One hundred and thirty six years ago today, the first attempt to create a truly democratic society was strangled by capitalism.

The people of Paris took power into their own hands, establishing a participatory democracy in which the people of Paris themselves took part in government, from the bottom up.

The Paris Commune was ruthlessly crushed by the armies of capitalism, at least fifty thousand people in Paris were slaughtered, one hundred and forty seven Communards were executed along a wall now known as the Wall of the Communards.

Monument to the Communards murdered by the forces of capitalism

The Commune brought about the prototype for socialist organisation of government. Four key rules, 1) Free and democratic elections, and more importantly the right to recall your representative at any time. 2) No official to receive more than the average wage of a worker he represents. 3) No standing army, but an armed people. 4) The tasks of the state to be carried out by the workers themselves.

It also taught us that capitalism will show no restraint when their dictatorship is at risk, they destroyed a city when it happened to Paris, and they destroyed a country when the people of Russia took power, twenty one foreign imperialists armies invaded Russia, killing millions in white terror. The same in Hungary, in Germany and where ever else their dictatorship is threatened. Capitalism will never willingly allow the people to have power, something that the pacifists on the left need to learn.