They should all be lined up in front of a wall and shot - and anybody who takes their mumbo jumbo seriously.

Look at this from the BBC:

Hours after a Nasa probe crashed into Comet Tempel 1, legal reverberations were felt in a Moscow court.

But Judge Litvinenko opened hearings into a case which could see Nasa pay a local amateur astrologist millions of dollars in damages.

Right, not a good start. Judge Litvinenko clearly needs to be moved to an area where his decisions don't effect other people.

"Nobody has yet proven that this experiment was safe," says Ms Bay's lawyer Alexander Molokhov.

Right, nobody needs to prove it's safe, because it is safe - you need to prove it's unsafe. What's the comet going to do throw a wobbly and come and get us? No other planetoid has done that.

"This impact could have altered the orbit of the comet, so now there is a chance that the Tempel may well destroy the Earth some day!"

No chance.

However, even if the comet stays at a safe distance from Earth, Ms Bay's own life, she thinks, will never be the same again.

An amateur astrologist, she believes that any variation in the orbit or the composition of the Tempel comet will certainly affect her own fate.

So Ms Marina's claims to be experiencing "a moral trauma" - which only a payment of $300m (252m euros; £170m) can put right.

Yes I'm sure that $300 million (about the same as NASA spent on this mission) will definitely effect her own life, and no doubt the boost in her business due to all this press coverage will effect her own life.

Moscow representatives of the American space agency have ignored Monday's court hearing.


Marina Bay's legal team remain confident, and they are even looking for volunteers to join in on the claim.

"The impact changed the magnetic properties of the comet, and this could have affected mobile telephony here on Earth. If your phone went down this morning, ask yourself Why? and then get in touch with us," says Mr Molokhov.

Yes an in perspective tiny piece of metal hitting a comet on the other side of the solar system is going to effect your phone. Have they even proved the comet contains an iron core to have a magnetic field?

Shoot them all, or better yet stick them on a rocket and crash them into some more comets.