HTC have been pretty busy over the last few months with the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, over the last week they filled in the low and medium-ends of the market by updating last year's Touch models with a TouchFLO 2D interface, now dubbed Touch Viva and Touch 3G.

More impressively they've released another high-end device to stand with the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro. Called the Touch HD (no the screen isn't HD, and no they shouldn't call it HD).

It is larger than the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, the same size as an iPhone, although a little bit thinner than the iPhone 3G.

HTC Touch HD HTC Touch HD

Touch HD features a larger screen than the iPhone, 3.8 inches compared with 3.5 inches. More importantly it carries over the same high resolution screens the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro have, only wider. It features a 800x480 resolution screen. That's 2.5 times as many pixels as the iPhone.

The rest of the specs look similar to the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, so in short it demolishes the iPhone. The same 528 MHz Qualcomm CPU in the Diamond and Pro. It has a microSD card slot, opposed to the Diamond which has 4GB of built in storage, its got the same 288MB of RAM like the Touch Pro, a higher resolution camera 5 megapixels, GPS, FM, and the rest of it. Although for the game fans out there, it does lose the 4 way direction pad of the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.

When? Q4 2008 Europe, Q1 2009 rest of the world.