With Microsoft now preventing 3rd parties from performing massive UI overhauls, like HTC have traditionally done with Windows Mobile and Android with their TouchFLO 3D and later Sense interfaces, manufacturers and mobile operators are left to create applications and hubs - like everyone else.

Obviously HTC have invested a lot of money over the years to create their own unique look and feel, so they'll try and recreate what they can on Windows Phone 7. Here's a sneak peak of what they've been up to lately.

Here we can see a note taking application, with probably more fancy effects than what is actually needed. A weather application, probably one of the things HTC is better known for. A stock price tracker and a weird "loves me" application. We can also see a flashlight application, from the tile it looks similar to what they've done with their flashlight application on Android.

I am glad that on Windows Phone 7 we can move this stuff off the start screen. As cool as this stuff is (minus the he loves me application) with it being so graphically over the top I'm not sure if it fits in well with the rest of the operating system. In the weather application for example the temperature sits where the application title would, but unlike everything else it, along with the rest of the information subtly moves around a bit, may be it helps visualise wind speed. Either way not exactly the most consistent application with the rest of the device experience.

Either way, I'll be keeping the weather tile on my start screen. I'm surprised they haven't done a big tile for a clock, something else they're pretty well recognised for both on Windows Mobile and Android.