Well I'm impressed. So here's the official specifications of the Touch Pro where they differ to the Touch Diamond, looks like some of the leaked details from my previous post were a bit on the low side!

  • Five-row qwerty keyboard.
  • ROM: 512MB.
  • RAM: 288MB.
  • Battery: 1340mAh.
  • TV-out!
  • MicroSD slot (SD 2.0).
  • Camera flash.

We can also see from the images that the corners are rounded, this isn't specific to the devices manufactured for T-Mobile, so that's good. I like rounded corners.

We can also see what TouchFLO 3D does when in landscape mode, it looks like it goes into big buttons mode.

The device is obviously quite a bit thicker than the Touch Diamond, although its still quite a bit smaller than my XDA Mini S, despite having the same size screen.

Nice one HTC, you've not only thrown the limited-expensive-underclocked-locked-down-over-hyped iPhone in the bin, you've also punched that dodgy salesman Steve Jobs in the face. He doesn't stand a chance at making inroads into Windows Mobile sales lead with this line up, not even with all the over-inflated attention Apple get in the press. Good luck with selling your 10 million iPhones this year Steve you're off to a slow start already, in Windows Mobile land we do about 10 million in four months - and that was before this phone was announced.

Anyway, now all I've got to do is wait until "late summer".