It always struck me as being weird for people to claim god created the universe, it just strikes me as arguing from ignorance and throwing Occam's razor in the bin.

We've either got an enormously complicated arrangement of matter and energy popping into existence out of nothing.

Or we've got simple arrangements of matter and energy popping into existence out of nothing.

What's more likely?

The universe through natural laws has taken 13.7 billion years to develop something as complex as us, let alone something as complex as god. To argue that god just sprung up and then created the universe defies basic reason.

It also shows how inconsistent many of the believers are, they're willing to accept a supreme being popped into existence out of nothing, but when it comes to an atomic particle popping into existence, or life slowly evolving their brains somehow can't handle it.

Of course some believers answer that god has always existed, which is nothing less than moving the goal posts, they have no evidence that god has always existed. I can claim the universe has always existed in one form or another and remove god from the equation that way, at least that doesn't defy logic.

After all we know that although time is likely finite, it isn't bound. Just like the Earth is finite in surface area it isn't bound and like time doesn't have a beginning or an end.

Personally I think it would be cruel for the believers to claim god has existed forever, can you imagine spending an infinity twiddling your thumbs before creating the universe? That's one supreme being who would of been bored for a very long time.