As you may recall a day or two ago I blogged about a pretty major mistake the BBC made in an article looking at Windows 7. Well I'm following up with another issue I have with the review. At the end of the video the chap doing the review throws out:

In truth we've had a couple of problems with programs and updates we've tried to install.

Oh really? At the same time the following is displayed (yeah they couldn't even be bothered to use some screen capture software, instead filming a monitor argh):

Hmmm, unsurprisingly Sun's shoddy Java breaks. I've banned it from my machines because when it does work its always nagging you about updates and it has the nerve to fill up Add/Remove Programs with endless entries about itself and its updates.

Why do I have a problem with this? Well the general public will as always believe this is a Microsoft problem and the usual nonsense will be repeated. It's analogus to reviewing a new Samsung television set and mentioning in the review that your old Sony video tape recorder is broken. It's irrelevent.

The title of the article is A look at what's new in Windows 7 so why are they talking about Java and implying that Windows 7 is responsible for it not working?