Ed Bott made a recent entry on Internet Explorer 7 vs Firefox 2.

I’ve only begun using the Firefox beta in the past few days, so I have only a small sample size to work with. But so far it has missed every one of four phishing sites I’ve pointed it to, each of which has been detected by IE7. I’ve tried monkeying with the settings for the anti-phishing option in FF2, with no luck, and I’ve repeated the installation on a separate computer with identical results.

I've yet to try the Firefox 2 beta, so my experience is only with the IE7's phishing filter.

All the phishing websites that have come into my inbox since early this year I've checked with IE7, only one came up just as suspicious, and that was some Russian site, within about 10 minutes it had gone offline. All the rest were outright blocked by IE7.

Surely with a company like Google being behind Firefox's phishing filter you'd expect better results than what Ed pointed out, 0% success rate vs. a near 100% success rate for Internet Explorer 7.

Ultimately, unless Firefox improves drastically, this is going to leave people feeling secure, without actually being secure. A dangerous situation to be in.