My old friend (he doesn't seem to use his name) from the Daily Creationism is back! He asks do we see evolution happening?

In brief, no. We see changes in living things, but none of them are heading in the right "direction".

Wow! He says it all in his first line. We see changes in living things. Thank you.

Oh wait "direction"? What direction? Evolution isn't some god thing where everything leads to this creature created in god's image, also known as man. Evolution has no direction. What survives lives, what dies, well dies. Natural selection doesn't ask if you're got a big brain or if you've got no brain yet can spin off a new generation inside of an afternoon.

The only direction of evolution is to surviving (and that's because species that don't survive don't pass on their genes). Generally speaking life on Earth at the moment seems to be surviving OK, so I guess that is a direction, the only direction I can think of, and we see that everywhere so what direction isn't evolution going in exactly?

Let me explain. We know that every living thing contains a set of instructions, like a blueprint or a recipe, that specifies weather it will be an alligator or a avocado tree, for instance. For a human, it specifies weather that person will have brown eyes or blue eyes, straight hair or curly hair, and so fourth. This information I written on a ling molecule called DNA.

Yup OK.

Evolution teaches that a simple creature like the one-celled ameba, has become a much more complicated one. Such as a horse. Even though simple one-celled creatures are extremely complex, they do not contain as much information as say a horse.

Yeah you're right one celled creatures generally don't contain as much information as a horse because well they're one cell. It doesn't have to worry about what other cells are suppose be doing or what shape they're supposed to be... So yeah... OK, what was your point?