Dell has just announced that they will be entering the Tablet PC market later this year.

Visually it's a nice looking machine, and it does somewhat go against the recent trend for heavier convertible Tablets, like the Protégé M400 (bigger and heavier than the M200).

So what do I want from this? Screen resolution wider than 1024 pixels when in portrait mode, so something like 1400x1050 like the M200. Although it looks like the shot in the video had perhaps 900 pixels wide, so if I'm right can we have an option for higher resolution screen please?

Lighter weight than the Protégé M200, or at least no heavier.

4 hour or greater battery life (with Wi-Fi turned on).

Any moderately OK specs will do me, I'd like a decent graphics accelerator but that's not essential.

Release it in the UK and you'll probably have my money.