The Daily Creationism guy:

If evolution and the big bang is true then that meant that all of the matter in the universe was squished in to a dot no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence.

That is one crowded dot!

Then boys and girls the dot span faster and faster and faster and faster until bang the dot exploded and formed the whole universe.

Billions of years ago there was a big bang in space. No body knows what caused the big bang it just happened.

Oh jeez. The Big Bang wasn't a Big Bang in space. Space-time didn't exist, the Big Bang was the expansion of space-time. Also the matter wasn't contained with the "dot" it's my understanding that some energy was converted into matter with the expansion.

The size of the "dot" is meaningless, how can you measure it? Spin of the dot? How can you measure that? It certainly didn't spin so much to "blow up" as you claim. There's a lot of difference between a dot and a singularity that is everything.

The Theory of Evolution and Big Bang Theory are two separate things, one deals with the origin of species, one deals with the origin of the universe.

Evolution itself has been proven as near to absolutely as you can get. In a 150 years or so years zero contradictionary evidence has been found, the only thing being found are mountains of evidence that support it every year.

Big Bang Theory has many issues that need to be resolved, and there are many scientists actively working on it, and those issues shall be resolved and the theory adjusted or a new one built to fit with the data.

If you really want to make a mess in the scientific world, picking on evolution is just folly, pick on the theories that have contradictionary evidence, or hell why don't you find some evidence yourself and put forward your own hypothesis.