The Daily Creationism:

Galaxies wind themselves up to fast
Stars rotate about the galactic center with different speeds. The inner stars rotate faster then the outer ones. The rotation speeds are so fast the if our galaxy were more than a few hundred million years old then it would not be in its present spiral shape.
But our galaxy is supposed to be at least ten billion years old.
Evolutionists call this the winding up dilemma

How many falsehoods can they have in a couple of paragraphs?

1) Stars in a galaxy actually move the same speed, the ones near the center and the ones near the edge have the same velocity.

2) "Evolutionists" (whatever that means) don't call this winding up a dilemma because the galaxies don't actually wind up because the arms which you're basing this on are constantly fading in and out with star development.

Spiral arms are more visible than the rest of the galaxy because they contain rich star-forming regions. The actual distribution of matter in a galaxy is much more uniform than the arms would imply - we see the arms because they contain young super-massive stars.

These stars have a life span of 10 million or so years. Spiral arms fade out as these massive stars die and as new star-forming regions emerge which in turn because of the angular momentum (not different velocities of stars) wrap around a galaxy - but they never wind up.