This is an interesting little snippet I've harvested from the Daily Creationism.

Most thinking people will agree that:

1) A highly ordered universe exists.

Highly ordered compared to what? It's true that the universe is governed by the laws of nature, but how could we know of an alternative.

2) At least one planet (probably only one) (earth) in this complex universe contains an amazing variety of life forms.

Earth is probably the only planet with life on in the whole universe? You've made a claim that we can test, which we can demolish. Now you've nearly entered the realm of science.

It would be extremely unlikely that Earth is the only place in the whole universe with life. We see the materials needed for life throughout the universe. It is far more likely for the universe to be absolutely crawling with life than for the Earth to be the only place.

3) Man appears to be the most advanced form of life

Depends what you mean by advanced. By DNA complexity? We're not the most complex form of life by this measure. By success? We're hardly successful compared to bacteria. By technology? Well that's true. But if dolphins had evolved hands they would probably be running the show, they already teach tool use to their children, that's a pretty "advanced" stuff, they've already got a larger brain than us, if they had hands or an ability to manipulate their environment as well as us, their brains would be highly technology-prone after a few million years. Go back ten million years and try and decide what the "most" advanced form of life is. Much harder to do. But yes, most people would probably agree with this statement even if they can't explain why.

But the key point is number 2. The Earth being the only place with life on. Highly unlikely and not highly probable.