It looks like the comrade over at The Daily Creationism is back at it again. This time talking about the Big Bang (again).

The Big Bang is a Big Dud

Interesting factoid: The name Big Bang is actually not what the scientists who proposed the hypothesis called it, Big Bang was the what those opposed to it called it. Big Bang referring to how silly an idea it was. The Big Bang was not a Big Bang in space, more of a Big Expansion of space.

This scientific law (conservation of angular momentum) contradicts the Big Bang Theory which proposes that a spinning cosmic explosion started the universe into its evolutionary processes.

This is what is known as a straw man argument. Skeptics would describe it as being:

Arguing against a position which you create specifically to be easy to argue against, rather than the position actually held by those who oppose your point of view.

The Daily Creationism goes on to say:

If the Big Bang Theory were true then all of the planets should be spinning in the same direction today.

Well first of all let's assume the universe was spinning, this is no reason for the planets to spin the same way. The planets in question are Venus and Uranus. Which do rotate backwards compared to the other 7 "planets" in the solar system. We believe this is due to impacts in their past. If we take asteroids they're rotating all over the place, why is that? I also don't recall the last time I was walking down a street and all the people were spinning the same way. Same basic thing happening, the energy in any spin of the universe, or more importantly how the cloud of gas and dust that condensed to form our solar system came together can be quite easily over come by smashing two planetary bodies together or by close gravitational encounters.


Conservation of angular momentum doesn't require that everything spin the same way. All it requires is that a change in spin in one object be compensated for by an opposite change in spin in one or more other objects.


How can you say the universe was spinning? Spinning against what? How can you measure it if space-time itself is spinning? The idea that the universe is or was spinning is absolute nonsense, and if the cosmos does spin there is no reason to expect the spin would effect how matter falls together, which is entirely random.

If we put the straw man away in the cupboard what does the Big Bang Theory really say, two things basically:

1) Everything in the universe was closer together in the past.
2) The universe (due to the above) was much hotter than it is today.

Tell me what hypothesis does the Bible put forward to explain the two key pieces of evidence for the Big Bang:

1) We see galaxies moving away from each other.
2) We see the cosmic microwave background radiation across the whole sky.

Come on what's your hypothesis?