I'm not going to link to the article in question but CNet have sunk to an all new low. They were doing a 'top ten terrible tech products', it had a few good mentions, Sony's rootkit on music CDs and a bunch of other things, but thrown in just to get some traffic was Windows Vista (in my opinion the best OS to date).

They go on to say:

Its incompatibility with hardware, its obsessive requirement of human interaction to clear security dialogue box warnings and its abusive use of hated DRM

For incompatibility with hardware they point to an article about the minimum requirements. So yes, like every other operating system in the history of computing it won't run on everything, you cannot run it on a toaster, you cannot run it on a Spectrum you cannot run it on a 10 year old PC.

Yes for security reasons a human needs to elevate to get administrative rights. Like every other modern operating system, how do you propose doing this without allowing everything unlimited access to the system, including malware stealing your data or destroying your data.

The DRM is utter nonsense and has been repeatedly debunked. It is disappointing to still see this mentioned.

If you're going to do this at least engage your brain and try and come up with something that a) isn't made up or b) doesn't apply to every other operating system.